The Ford Bronco is back! Now that Ford is shifting its focus to trucks and SUVs, they're bringing back old favorites like the Bronco. Dropped from the line-up for its gas-guzzling tendencies and somewhat impractical nature, the Bronco is making a comeback in 2020 thanks to popular demand, with a redesign that will bring it out of the vault and into the future. While there's still a whole lot we don't know about the 2020 Ford Bronco, there's plenty of info out there that should have most Ford enthusiasts excited. Read on to learn more.

Based on the released concept information, the first thing noticed about the 2020 Bronco is that the body shape is not being compromised with a bunch of curved reductions in size. This vehicle is boxy, roomy and big, with plenty of space to carry passengers and equipment. Second, the tire clearance and tire size are a proper big category, making for plenty of room for the suspension to move around in if this vehicle is taken off-road. Third, the vehicle is borrowing a lot from the new Ford Ranger. Ford management confirmed two years ago the Bronco and Ranger would be built on the same vehicle T6 platform, and the Ranger drivetrain is already known for putting out 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. This four- and six-cylinder turbocharged engine power is translated to the wheelbase with an automatic 10-speed transmission gearbox. While not known for sure, the Bronco manual transmission version is expected to be built with a seven-speed setup instead.

For those who can't let go of their eco-focus in purchasing and living, that's okay. You can still have an SUV. It's almost certain the Bronco will be issued with a hybrid version that allows even the dedicated sustainability type to drive a big SUV and feel good about it. The details aren't clear yet, but it's possibly going to copy a V6 package already found in the Ford Explorer for electric motors.

So, is the 2020 Bronco going to be like the old-style model with only two doors and everyone climbing pell-mell to the back seat? Well, no one knows for sure outside of the Ford design group. The concept photos are showing both two-door and four-door versions of the SUV, so it's a bit of a guess right now. There is the fact that only issuing a two-door would limit the vehicle's market, so the two-door version might show up delayed in year 2 versus the first year of the Bronco reissue in 2020.

The 2020 Bronco is assigned to be manufactured at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant which turned out to be the same location the original Bronco was assembled at as well. The vehicle will be made in at least four different trim packages (base model, XLT, Limited and Platinum), and it may even get a fifth category for off-road enthusiasts. That will likely depend on how popular the vehicle ends up being in core sales during the initial market launch.

In terms of market direction, the Bronco will be in direct competition to the Toyota 4Runner as well as the FJCruiser and the Jeep Wrangler. Built right, the Bronco stands a good chance of knocking Jeep aside and giving Toyota a run for its money. All depends on Ford producing a reliable SUV with its next Bronco release.