The Ford F-Series is one of the most iconic lines of trucks in the world, consistently ranking high in Best Truck lists and selling almost 900,000 units in 2017. Whether it's the F-150, F-250, F-350, or F-450, millions of drivers agree that this is the ultimate line-up of heavy duty pickups. The Ford F-Series has the latest state of the art technology, including towing assists and automated emergency braking. All this power does not sacrifice luxury, however, as drivers can customize their pickups to have all of the best features that Ford can supply. As 2017 Ford F-series received significant upgrades to the line like the swap to aluminum body parts to drop down vehicle weight, this year's models have mostly seen small tweaks to draw out a little more performance or make the ride more enjoyable. Read on to discover more about the 2018 Ford F-Series lineup.

The 2017 F-150 won the Kelley Blue Book "Best Buy" award and was named Car and Driver's "Best Full-Sized Pickup," but Ford was still determined to push the model forward in 2018. The addition of new injection technology and an increased compression ratio more than made up for a slight drop in the stock engine's displacement to 3.3L. The 5.0L V8 and turbocharged 2.7L V6 received the same improvements that pay dividends in fuel economy and performance. All engines but the 3.3L are now using a 10-speed automatic transmission, including the twin-turbo V6 on the off-road performance version of the F-150, the Raptor. The trim levels have remained mostly untouched, so it's hard not to recommend the Lariat and higher for the 2.7L V6 engine, towing camera, and Sync 3.

While the F-150 stole the Motor Trend "Truck of the Year" award from the F-250 this year, the start of the Super Duty line still has much to offer. The optional 6.7L turbo-diesel V8 inched up slightly in performance, but overall capabilities on the F-250 are the same from last year's significant upgrade. A new luxury trim level named Limited crams every amenity that Ford has rolled out into the truck. You'll get leather seats that massage you on a long ride, your truck will double as an Internet gateway with 4G LTE streamed through the Sync 3 panel, and the essential Trailer Reverse Guidance system that takes the guesswork out of navigating tight turns and backing up with a trailer attached.

Not a lot has changed with the F-350 this year. Like the F-250, the optional 6.7L turbo-diesel V8 bumped up slightly in performance to 450- hp and 935 lb-ft torque. You can drag up to 32,000 pounds behind you with the proper hitch setup, which is enough pull to manage a trailer full of rocks if you needed it. You'll also find a Limited trim level in the F-350 that comes with the turbo-diesel V8 and a full suite of comfort technology.

If you absolutely have to have the highest towing capacity, then the 2018 F-450 is your truck. Ford added an additional 1,500 pounds of towing capability for a maximum haul of 34,000 pounds (21,000 pounds with a normal hitch). There's not much else to say about the 2018 F-450. It delivers exactly what you would expect from over 8,000 pounds of pickup truck: the ability to haul practically anything you can attach to the back. The trailer camera that helps you maneuver with a massive load is a welcome bonus, as well.