If you are a serious commuter who is seeking optimum gas mileage rather than comfort, a compact car might be the right choice. This mostly utilitarian class of automobiles is not for everyone, but if you want exceptional gas mileage or are looking for a city car with great maneuverability, these top three compact cars are worth a look. The Kia Soul, Honda Civic, and Volkswagen GTI are three top-rated options that don't offer tons of power but are unmatched when filling the tank or parallel parking. Read on to learn more about these three outstanding options on the compact car market.

With a base price just over $16,000, the Kia Soul is affordable and surprisingly well-equipped. Despite its compact sizing, the Soul offers quite a lot of cargo as well as spacious seating. The engine may not be anything to brag about, and the additional roominess does put the Soul near the bottom end of the compact class in terms of fuel efficiency. However, with its low base price, the Soul is still a great deal. If you require more in addition to the Soul's fuel efficiency ratings of 26/31 mpg (city/highway), there is a turbocharged engine available with the Acclaim trim. If you are looking for a compact option that is on the larger side, the Soul can meet that need, and at a great price.

Honda has become one of the most trusted and dependable car options available. With the Honda Civic, the Japanese automaker brings its reputation for reliability to the compact car segment. With the recent addition of a hatchback model, the new Civic is available in even more configurations that provide high levels of safety, fuel efficiency, comfort and top-of-class styling. The Civic earned EPA fuel ratings of up to 42 mpg on the highway, making this compact car perfect for commuters who desire higher comfort levels than the baseline compact options.

Third on our list is the new Volkswagen GTI. While there is no longer a two-door option available, this compact sedan receives a lot of top reviews for being fuel-efficient and well-priced while still fun to drive. The GTI is a top choice for drivers who do not want or need full-size vehicles but also don't want to sacrifice power or comfort features. The GTI enjoys the stellar handing that comes from Volkswagen engineering and is also equipped to provide passengers with an enjoyable ride. This compact is a top option for people who love to drive.

Compact cars serve many purposes, and these top-rated compacts offer various options for a wide range of preferences. If you need a compact that offers cargo space, check out the Soul. Commuters love the strong fuel efficiency of the Honda Civic and also appreciate its comfortable seating and more upscale styling. For driving enthusiasts who are looking for well-priced options that are still fun to drive, the GTI delivers. Compact cars are affordable and fuel efficient, and these top three options met these goals while making driving fun. Take a look at the GTI, Civic, and Soul if you are in the market for a compact car.